Onsite computer services now being offered by Builtbymike.ca

Onsite Computer Service

Builtbymike.ca IT Services is offering onsite, friendly, fast and reliable computer service for home users throughout Southwestern Ontario. Builtbymike.ca offers better service than your local IT store at competitive rates. However, unlike your local computer store we will come right to you!

Desktop/Laptop Support

Builtbymike.ca IT Services can assist with anything computer related. If your computer is running slow it may be due to viruses, malware, corrupt software or any other number of things. Get an expert to breathe new life back into your computer instead of purchasing a new one. A slow computer can also be the result of more resource hungry applications or the excessive number of updates for software, including your operating system. Have Builtbymike.ca IT Services assess the potential of your computer to see if upgrades are available.

Wired and Wireless Networking

Get the most out of your at home network. Builtbymike.ca can configure new networks or fix your troubled network. We can get your desktop wired to your internet or utilize the latest and most cost-effective technology to expand the reach of your wireless network throughout your home while keeping your network secure.

Backup Assistance

Everyone should be backing up their important files, yet very few people do. Family photos, tax documentation, resumes, etc are all files that once they are lost, can’t be retrieved again. Make sure that you keep these files in more than one location for personal and legal reasons. Let Builtbymike.ca IT Services show you how to make routine backups to protect the important files in your life.

Other Services

Builtbymike.ca offers a wide range of IT services for residential or commercial clients. If there are IT services that you need that aren’t listed here there is a good chance that Builtbymike.ca IT Services can help you with it. If you are interested in commercial services please visit the Consultation and Management pages.


If you’re having issues with your computer or network contact Builtbymike.ca to set up an appointment. View the contact page or call 519.608.6453.

Builtbymike.ca Onsite IT Service

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