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IT Consultation offers IT Consultation for your business. Whether you are looking for a consultant for a small or large project, will suit your needs and provide you the best reports and support. IT changes can create improvements for any business and help to create new efficiency to improve overall employee productivity and help to drive sales. However, IT resources can be wasted when these changes are not properly managed and implemented. To get the most out of your IT resources contact IT Services to discuss our IT consultation services to see how we can help you save time and save money while increasing your IT resource and support availability.


  • Hardware upgrades: Hardware upgrades, whether desktop computer or server, can be a large investment of IT budget and other resources for a company. With often limitless upgrade options available it is difficult for a non-IT professional to decide what is the best path for upgrades in order to best utilize the IT resources available. Have a professional assist in upgrade planning and implementation to ensure a seamless transition for your IT IT Consultation
  • Network infrastructure/security audits and modifications: An unmanaged network can lead to significant problems such as security issues, equipment failure or lack of redundancy. Data and network services/security are fundamental to business. IT Services can recommend network/security changes to secure your IT resources and provide peace of mind for you and your clients.
  • Software installations, upgrades and migrations: Software changes that aren’t planned and implemented correctly can cause serious IT service downtime which will result in lost revenue and long lasting IT problems.
  • Network software changes (Active Directory, Exchange, etc.): Businesses purchase software thinking that the biggest is the best. Often times the same goals can be achieved using cheaper AND better software. IT Services can analyze your business software as well as the needs of your business to determine what software can create better value and cheaper costs for your business.
  • New office network design and implementation: If you’re starting out a business or expanding to a new location it is best to build your network correctly from the ground up. Properly planning and implementing a new network will reduce the IT expenses and reduce costs and headaches in the future.
  • Budget planning: Your IT budget is a valuable resource that when properly managed can vastly increase profit potential and employee productivity. At IT Services we have helped people with at home office to organizations with over 6,000 employees. We know technology ranging from budget friendly at home equipment to enterprise-level servers and networking equipment. We have learned how to best utilize an IT budget to obtain enterprise-level services for businesses looking to decrease their IT budget but maintain or increase their IT resources and services.
  • Office move planning and migration: Moving office IT equipment can cause issues with hardware that lead to lost productivity. Proper planning and migration of office equipment can ensure a seamless transition from one office or building to the next while not interrupting regular business functions.
  • Disaster recovery planning:  Disaster recovery planning is crucial when trying to mitigate the negative effects of disaster for your company. A disaster could range anywhere from a critical server failure resulting in loss of data to a disaster on premises that causes equipment damage or loss. You can help ensure the longevity of your business by being prepared for any type of disaster.
  • More: The area of IT is ever expanding such that creating a complete list of services is impossible. Also the needs of any business are very specialized to the products and services that they provide. If you are unsure of of how to proceed with anything IT related please contact IT Services to quickly find out how our IT consultation can help you to achieve your business goals.

Process IT Services will meet with you to go over your IT infrastructure and the needs of your business and your customers to prioritize which areas are in need of improvement. We can provide you a list in order of severity and IT budget costs of the tasks that need to be performed and the time required to complete these tasks. IT Services can implement the necessary changes and provide further ongoing IT Management to best fit your IT requirements.


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